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Rink Radio is part of South Derbyshire Community Media

1st Floor, Community Transport Building, George Holmes Business Park, Swadlincote, DE11 9DF. Tel: 01283 224818

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Headphones - check. Microphone - check. Mixer, keypad, on air light, speakers and music all ready. All your planning and preparation notes are at hand. Are you ready to go live?

Radio has to be one of the most intimate forms of broadcasting. It can be an activity that you can share with many or with all the friends you want. It can be something you can include your family with. Or you can simply indulge yourself and take to the airwaves (or web-waves!) on your own. Because it is live, you can talk about the here and now, not simply react to things that have already happened. Even in the age of instant access to the songs we like via the internet, there is still something exceptional about requesting a song for someone special and know that you’ve made their day. Radio has the means to communicate ideas and events. It can innovate an individual into making something new, be it a service or product. It can also educate the illiterate and the enlightened.

Radio is not limited by boundaries, and neither is true creativity.

That is why we say ‘communicate, innovate, educate’ - and get on air!

Radio works with all abilities

Radio has been a powerful medium since Marconi equipped ships with life saving wireless communications and established the first transatlantic radio service.

Radio has been ever-present since then, evolving and adapting to whatever need was required - whether that be for propaganda, public information or entertainment - and it still survives, albeit in more forms than ever before. It now exists in the digital realm, with the ether now populated by an increasing number of DAB and Internet stations.

However, the key to its success lies in its accessibility and potential to open up doors to all who venture into its world. These iconic pictures are just some of the images that capture the imagination of so many.